People say there is a place that is beauty beyond compare. Where there are no worries, no sadness, and no angry just happiness beyond compare. There is so much peace that you would not want to leave this place. Where you will be brothers and sister’s at this place. You will hear angles sing, and dance the sound so lovely you can hear it all day. Some may not believe in this place. But I do and this place is what we will call Heaven.

By Sophia



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You take one good look at her and think she is harmless. We can step all over her she will not do a thing about it. Keep on hurting her and upset her.She will not do anything about it. She is a push over. Don’t get her Twisted. She maybe nice but don’t take her kindness for granted. Her Revenge is settle you will never know when it will happen and when you will at least aspect it. She may put up with more than anyone else ever would. People may think oh she is not saying a thing let’s keep pushing her buttons see how much we can. Don’t get her Twisted keep pushing and pushing her be afraid because it may take a lot and long but she will have her revenge one way or another. May be from her may be from another way you will never know. Go ahead walk all over her, hurt her heart, make her upset, stress her out, and make her cry. She will kill you with kindness for a while. Don’t get her twisted if you don’t think she won’t hurt a fly. She will make sure you feel her pain as many times as you had her feel pain.
By Sophia Alcazar

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Image of My Angel

Young and feeling weak and could not get out bed. Wake up in the morning see a imagine of clear glass woman body so fragile if you touch her she would break laying on the couch so tall that her feet went over the rim of the couch. Look right at her no fear at all just amazed but the beauty of this image. Words you ask as you look right at her. Are you my guarding Angel you get a nod yes. You ask for the name nods no. You say you can’t tell me. Nods head no. You ask if you are a boy or girl. But you do not get an answer. But as you researched it more oh yes an Angel does not have a gender like us humans do. Before you know it that Image of My Angel left. I never seen it again ever since that day. But it is something I will never forget. So I can say I feel pretty lucky to have seen the Imagine of my Angel not only do I have that one looking after me. I also have another one who is here with me but ill and that is my cousin Joey. I’m beyond blessed to have these beautiful Angel’s around me. This is my Image of My Angel so if you don’t believe in Angel’s I just proofed you wrong.
By Sophia

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Winter comes as it gets colder. As you look through the window Snow is starting to come down. Kids start to get happy as they run to make snowmen, snow angles, and Snow ball fights. Kids also get their ice skate shoes on and rush to ice skate. Walking around town to do Christmas shopping you hear people singing Christmas Carols and it sounds so beautiful. You can smell the pine from the Christmas Trees. At night becomes so different you see beautiful Christmas lights and different Christmas Decorations. Can’t seem to keep your eyes off them. Around town Christmas shopping lines are long people going crazy over things. Tired and overwhelmed with the madness. We at times you forget what Christmas is all about. But when you go inside your home sit back and look think of how it all started Angel came to Mary and said behold I come to you to tell you. You will have a son and his name will be Jesus. He will be the son of the highest. Mary has her baby in a Manger on Christmas day. The 3 wise men go to see Jesus as they bring him gifts. Angel comes to a Sheppard boy and says behold I come with tidings of get great joy. A Savior is born. His name is Jesus
born in Bethlehem let the star be your guide. Then you see family picking out the perfect tree for the home and the smell of pine coming in the home. The family getting together to decorate the Christmas tree. Just being together as they share that time together. They are singing Christmas songs together as well. You see your family and friends that you don’t see too much. You smell goodies and food cooking. As you and the family catch up on things and have good laughs. The kids get their hot chocolate and say the funniest things as they wait to open their gifts with beautiful bright paper. Kids also opening their stockings with goodies and toys So to me this what Christmas is all about The Birth of Jesus That is Why Christ is in Christmas and also being around your loved ones sharing that time together. It’s not about gifts. So don’t forget that Happy Birthday Jesus Happy its Christmas to not only Celebrate your birth but to share it with our loved ones. Merry Christmas to all of you and blessed and beautiful New Year
By Sophia Rosa Alcazar

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Guide Me ThroughThe Right Path

Verse 1- Lord it has been a while since we talked. I’m on my Knees crying out to you. I don’t know who else to turn to. I’m going through a storm that won’t quit just keeps going. I’m asking you Lord as I pray right now to you.
Help me Lord fight this battle I’m in I can’t do this on my own anymore. I need your peace in me. I need you to embrace me with your love. I need your strength in me. Most of all I need you with me in my life to guide me through the right path cause I don’t what else to say or do.
Verse 2- Jesus I need you wipe away my tears. I held on to for so many years too much that my heart can’t take no more pain. Heal my heart restore it for it to be whole again. Restore me in everyway.
Help me Lord fight this battle I’m in I can’t do this on my own anymore. I need your peace in me. I need you to embrace me with your love. I need your strength in me. Most of all I need you with me in my life to guide me through the right path cause I don’t know what else to say or do.
By Sophia Alcazar

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Dearest John

I remember the first day we met you had a big your smile that no one can ever forget. Then you took my mom and me and sister in your home. Gave us the best you could. We learned about fishing because of you. Then gave me the best gift anyone could give you brought me another sister who brought me so much love and joy I can’t express. She was not only beautiful but she was always so bright for her age. As we both started to deal with each other we had out battles. We said things to each other that should have not been said to one another. You gave it your all as being a dad. Time went by you and my mom were falling apart and both made the choice to split. You took my sister in because my mom thought it was best for her. It was hard for me to understand at the time. But now I realize it was for the best. You did a good job taken care of her. I knew you were proud of her. I’m sure proud of me and all of my sisters as well. I had a nice time with you and my sister when I did see both of you. But One day something happened to you. You went to work one day. Someone got angry and made the choice to take your life. When my sister got the news she calls me and says he is gone. I felt like I was in a bad dream. In shock but had to be strong for my baby sister. It’s been hard on all of us that you are no longer with us. My baby sister is not the same without you. She is pulling through strong and brave. Even though it’s sad I know you in heaven with your Dad dancing with the Angels. As you watching us I’m sure you are proud. There is one moment I have with you I will never forget. I gave you a rose on father’s day. You gave me a big long hug and told me this. It meant so much to me when you gave me that rose I want to be your father again. That is when I knew you and always will be my Dearest John. You are missed and always will be.
By Sophia Alcazar

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Kids Innocence’s

As I look into a child’s eyes. Makes me Realize How beautiful their Innocence’s is. Then I also see how pure their eyes are and it takes my breath away. As I look into it more I see How forgiving there are if they get upset with you. How quick they are to love you still no matter what. How much they put trust in you. That touches my heart so deep. No matter how bad your day was or how sad you are? No Matter how stressed you are. They always do something to make you smile and even make you laugh and bring you at peace that you did not have. Even their smile is so beautiful you can’t help but smile back at them. They ask so many questions just wanted to know so much. It picks my brain at times. I take a step back one thought comes to mind. How come Adults don’t have a Kids Innocence’s anymore? Adults we so quick to have angry and not forgive. No trust no one no more. Adult’s innocence’s slowly feds like the wind. We do not crave the knowledge as we used to as kids. But as Adult’s we need to get back to that Kids Innocence’s in ourselves. To make our life’s happier, better, and healthier. So Adults take a step back from your busy life. Let the kid out in you. The Bible says this. Jesus said I wish you would think as a child would. As Adults we will never have all of a Kids Innocence’s back. But deep down the kid inside you is still there and still some Innocence’s.
By Sophia Alcazar

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Green Eyes

Everytime I see you I seem to be getting more memorized by those Green Eyes.Just too look at you I get hypnotize by those Green Eyes. When I see you’re Green Eyes I get weak in the knees can’t get my words out right. I’m at your command I’m under your spell I will do as you say. I can’t say no to those Green eyes. Don’t know how you do it nor do I care. I just want to be right there with you and those Green eyes. The passion I see in them it’s so intoxicating. So go ahead let me in those Green Eyes. I know it is what I want. It’s what I need and it feels so right. I can look at your Green eyes all day and I just can’t get enough of them. Please don’t ever let me out of your sight.I like the way I feel it’s just blissful when I’m with you and those Green eyes.
By Sophia Rosa Alcazar

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My Emotions

I was the one that made the choice to leave. So Why is that I’m the one that is seems to be one that is taken so hard? I try to get you out of my mind. Try to keep busy but you seem to get in my mind. My Emotions take over me. But I have to put on a show for everyone keep that happy face so no one will notice. Even my heart wants to run back to you and be your wife. But I’m keeping my strength this time around. You may have some angry with me. You may even be hurt with me for not giving in. But I do not want My Emotions to give my final choice in us. You said you missed me and you do love me. Then why are you telling me to go to you? If you love me and miss me as you said you do. Don’t you think you should be the one to come to me? Action speaks louder than words. I’m just tired of being the one to Yes I miss you a lot. Yes I do love you. But right now my happiness needs to be first. I have to just put My Emotions inside and let them out when its time. I do not know what is going to happen between us. All I know is this that it is going to change our lives for forever and for the better at the end of it all. Time will heal and so will My Emotions.
By Sophia Alcazar

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This Is The Test Of Love

We said our Vows 4 years ago. I meant every word I said. If I did not meant those words I would have not held on for as long as I did. But somehow as years did go by we both changed and we both started to know our bad sides a lot more and we both did not like that about each other. Also it seemed to me we both had different paths in our lives as the marriage went on. With all of that it just made us worse as people cause of the angry we had towards each other. It was just not bringing the best in us. We drifted a part more and more each day. I felt I was losing you slowly. Though my heart is sad cause I’m having a permit scar cause marriage is so Bose to be for life. This time apart that we have from each other it will be a test and this is The Test Of Love. As I look at the pictures of us the happy times we had. Makes me sad to know we let go. I do miss your face and just you around me. But our marriage was not healthy and I could not live like that no longer and nor could you. We all have test in our life’s this is our Test we have of love. Is our love Strong enough to stay or is it not. Time will tell. In the mean time I will take this time to really look inside myself. Change for the better. I will leave us in God’s hands that is the best thing I can do for us. I will have my good days and bad days but I will get through it. What path will happen between us. We will just have to wait and see. There is an old saying you don’t know what you had until it’s gone and I so believe that. So we are we up for this test or even strong enough. I sure hope so but I’m at peace with no matter what happens. This is The Test Of love and no matter what happens it will change our lives forever.
By Sophia Alcazar

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